Will AI ever be able to replicate love?

Machines might be rapidly replacing humans in the workplace, but the complexity of deep human emotions and the innate, creative way that we make connections remains far beyond them, argues Perry Nightingale


I gave a lecture at Oxford University recently about whether AI will ever be truly creative. To explain why I believe it may never be possible for machines, I chose ‘love’ to illustrate the unique way that humans see the world and the impact that has on how we create.

“What is love?” I asked the class, pausing for a few seconds – partly for effect, but mainly because this was the MBA class and I was a bit nervous that love is probably not on their curriculum very often. The image of the koala-owl shown above, lovingly crafted by the design department in Grey London, was the next slide. If ‘what is love?’ hadn’t raised some eyebrows, the koala-owl definitely did.