Winners of the Health Tech & You Awards 2017

For three years now the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards have celebrated innovations in health tech; technology developments that help us live better and could change the way we think about healthcare. This year’s awards were announced last week, in a ceremony at London’s Design Museum and included apparel that improves the senses and a video game for seniors.

Here are the six winning projects:

MyAsthma – Winner of the Trending Award

This app is designed to aid people living with asthma. The app has an Asthma Control Test (ACT) that helps users keep track of their condition, document medicine usage and communicate with their healthcare professional. It also tracks which areas trigger an asthmatic attack from their location, weather, etc. MyAsthma is the first pharma-supported Grade 1 Medical Device as a smartphone app. (

sensewear – Winner of The Future Award

This is a range of clothing and accessories that help stimulate and improve awareness of the senses. They also help manage sensory perception – muting some and enhancing others. This could help people with Sensory Processing Disorders, as well as people who aren’t disabled but lead stressful lives. (

MIRA Rehab – Winner of the Health Tech & Age Award

This is a video game application that makes physical rehabilitation and exercising fun. Patients must complete recommended movements in order to progress within the game. The patient’s performance data is monitored and tracked.(

uMotif – The Health & Care Professional’s Choice

This is a platform designed to capture data about patients. The platform has been clinically proven through trials in the NHS and deployed through world-leading studies, capturing millions of data points. It is helping patients take control, improving clinical appointments and modernising clinical research trials.(

HealthUnlocked – Winner of the Wow! Awards

This is a social network that allows users to connect with each other to improve their health through peer support and gives users access to wellbeing communities.(

Affinity – The AXA PPP Health Tech & You Challenge winner

This is a device which helps cancer patients monitor their white blood cell counts at home. From a simple finger prick test, Affinity can help people identify if blood cell counts are dropping whilst they are at home in between chemotherapy cycles. This can help avoid infection and keep treatment on track. Affinity provides a supportive link between patient and clinician by automatically sharing results. (

All of this winning work with be on display at an interactive exhibition at the Design Museum. The exhibition hopes to get viewers thinking about a world that is less reliant on human healthcare professionals, by showcasing innovations that put technology at the centre of healthcare. Historical origins of health tech and past years’ winners will also be on display.

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