Wolff & Olins: the reunion, 2 of 4

In the second of our extracts from their discussion at the Kyoorius Designyatra in India, Michael Wolff and Wally Olins reveal the reasons for their split and what they think of Wolff Olins today

[webmatrixvideo import=”webmatrix” type=”youtube” vid=”GZc7sO24yrw” ]Wolff & Olins: the reunion (2 of 4) – Their split and attitudes to the Wolff Olins company today[/webmatrixvideo]

In September this year, Michael Wolff and Wally Olins were reunited on stage for the first time since going their separate ways in the 80s. In a session at the Kyoorius Designyatra conference in Mumbai, which was chaired by Creative Review’s editor Patrick Burgoyne, the pair talked about working together, splitting up, what they achieved and what they think of the branding world today.

We have four exclusive extracts of the talk here on CRTV, provided by Kyoorius Designyatra. This is the second of those four.

See Patrick’s full report on chairing the four-day Designyatra conference over on the CR Blog.

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