Women + Laughing + Alone + With Salad

Few things are as evocative of fresh and fun good times as a woman clearly enjoying a decent salad. Just ask your local stock library

The excellent Hairpin recently posted a range of similarly-themed stock photos, partly as an ironic reminder of the resolutions we make in early January, but also as a nod to some of the more amusing fictions inherent within image libraries.

The photographs on Women Laughing Alone With Salad are weird enough on their own yet take on a more maniacal dimension when these vaguely sporty fork-wielders are shown as a large group.

The chirpy enthusiasm for veg is relentless. Delighted with their plates of greens – dining alone also presents no problem – can you imagine actually sitting opposite someone like this in a restaurant? Not that the image libraries themselves are solely to blame – these images are only available because there’s a demand for them.

Hairpin’s collection has inspired some other groupings, too. A suggestion to Google Women Drinking Coffee Alone seems to reveal a bit more introspection, while a meme suggested by ‘Becca’ in the comments acknowledges the concept of “Happy Black Women Shopping” (see image below).

In the interests of archetypal and gender balance, Hairpin also added a link to a healthy selection of Men Laughing Alone With Fruit Salad. If only my regular lunchtime medley had that effect.

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