Why is women-only networking still a thing?

There’s been a surge in female-focused clubs, co-working spaces and events, but what do women in the creative industry actually get out of it, and is it fixing anything?

If you’re a woman in the creative industry, you’ve probably got a few things on your mind. It could be the lack of pay parity, or the absence of other women at senior roles. You might be worried about how you’re going to juggle motherhood and your career. Or, you might be wondering where your next freelance job is coming from, and what you should be charging for it.

Whatever it is, a wave of women-focused networks and spaces have emerged, designed to support women in creative careers. These range from physical places such as co-working club The Wing or The Female Quotient’s Girls’ Lounge – now known as the Equality Lounge – through to networks such as Marguerite or Ladies, Wine & Design.

For Shelley Zalis, founder of The Female Quotient, these spaces are about the possibilities that arise when women are brought together. “We truly believe in the power of the pack,” she told CR. “We always say a woman alone has power, collectively we have impact. When you think about a space where the minority acts and feels like the majority, that’s when women find their voice and confidence. There’s no apology or permission for being who we are.”

“We talk about advancing women, advancing equality, but you can’t move the needle forward if we don’t create the magnifying lens on women doing remarkable things,” she adds.

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