Woo: Turning Generation Anxious into Generation Zen social campaign

Category: Social; Entrant: Woo by ITV

Backed by ITV’s Studio 55 Ventures, Woo is a new ‘social ecosystem’ that ditches the wellness industry’s well-worn tropes in the hope of redefining self-care for Gen Z audiences. The platform-agnostic brand leverages a mix of subversive and socially optimised long-form programming; fluid editorial tapping into culture, wellbeing, activism, fashion and more; immersive audiovisual experiences; and its own ‘Woo-ness’ marketplace – using digital tools to create a movement built around feeling good.

In the launch campaign period alone, it generated one billion impressions against a target of 385 million, 260% above target, and amassed 1.6 million social followers across various platforms.

Woo: Turning Generation Anxious into Generation Zen
Category: Social
Entrant: Woo by ITV
CEO/Founder/Executive Creative Director: Stephen Mai
Content Director at Large: Ravi Amaratunga
Design Director at Large: Dan Mitchell
Head of Media & Brand: Luke Innes
Senior Social Media Manager: Elli Weir
Senior Social Producer: Hollie Hilton
Social Producer: Bobbie Temple
Social Assistant: Emily Clays
Art Director: Kemar Reid
Designer: Jonas Mcilwain
Head of Video: Isolde Penwarden
Production Manager: Gaia Curti
Marketing Director: Nicholas Hodgkins
Marketing Manager: Katrina McLaren