Woo media brand

Woo is on a mission to rebrand wellness

Backed by ITV, the new media brand is ditching the wellness industry’s well-worn tropes in the hope of redefining self-care for Gen Z audiences

Wellness is big business these days. Underpinned by a huge societal shift in the way that we discuss topics such as mental health, the global wellness industry is estimated to be worth $1.5 trillion, and counting. Despite all this, it’s a space that is crying out for a more creative approach to its marketing – typically relying on clichéd imagery of sunrise yoga sessions on the beach, Gwyneth Paltrow-esque women sipping on green juices and cringey inspirational quotes.

“The thing that I’ve always found interesting is that the wellness industry has never really been designed for young people, yet Gen Z are probably the most conscious around the mental health anxiety,” say Stephen Mai, the founder of new media brand Woo, which is hoping to make the world of wellness more accessible for a demographic often referred to as ‘Generation Anxious’.

Woo media brand

Backed by ITV’s Studio 55 Ventures, Woo comes off the back of Mai’s expansive career working across youth culture-focused brands and titles. Among those experiences was i-D, where his development of the iconic magazine’s digital presence resulted in 1000% growth; LadBible, where he transformed the business’ reputation for clickbait and orchestrated culturally significant campaigns including UOKM8? and Trash Isles; and Boiler Room, where he launched its award-winning culture and film platform 4:3.