Working at warp speed

Rapid change is now a standard, and trying to keep up with the latest developments – for both yourself and your clients – can be dizzying. But creatives shouldn’t despair, says our ad correspondent Ben Kay

I’m sure you’re dying to read another column about AI; after all, no one has really tackled the topic, and we could have a lot of fun getting ChatGPT to write about ChatGPT, with an illustration from Midjourney.

… or not. Funny how quickly the entire topic has become a source of eye-rolling boredom.

But that’s how fast things are moving these days. One new program can seemingly upend a billion jobs then become passé in less than three months. Just as some of us were getting used to a future in the metaverse, financed by crypto, that all went quiet and we now have to pivot to fretting about 2023 AI, which is not the same as 2022 AI.

Just to remind you, ChatGPT has only been with us since November 30. Since then thousands of news segments and think pieces have been written about its potential impact, we’ve seen ad agencies take it up and offer it to clients, and LinkedIn and TikTok are now bursting with digital sherpas guiding us on how best to use it.

But this current form of AI is still in its infancy and presenting new insights with each passing day. With that in mind, I’d like to offer you a bit of future casting based on where we are now.