WORK: Aitor Throup and Daft Apeth’s artwork for Kasabian

Aitor Throup has teamed up with visual artist Daft Apeth and photographer Neil Bedford to create the artwork for Kasabian’s sixth album For Crying Out Loud.

Covers for the album and single releases combine colourful illustrations by Daft Apeth with black-and-white portraits of Rick Graham, the band’s longest-serving roadie. Graham was photographed by Bedford, who accompanied the band on tour in 2016.

Throup says he was inspired by punk fanzines and the process of sampling, drawing on references from his own record collection. The track list on the album’s reverse is set in a range of fonts and each single cover will feature a different typeface and colour combination.

The project is Throup’s third collaboration with Kasabian. He was creative director on previous albums 48:13 and Velociraptor, working on music videos and live shows as well as album art. He also created the artwork for Damon Albarn’s Everyday Robots album.

The album is released on April 28 and you can pre-order copies here.