WORK: NADFAS becomes The Arts Society

Studio Sutherl& and Jane Wentworth Associates have rebranded the UK’s largest arts education charity. The National Association of Decorative and Fine Art Societies (or NADFAS for short) has been renamed The Arts Society and has launched a new visual identity based around an interlocking A and S monogram.

NADFAS was founded in 1965 and is made up of 385 local societies. Jane Wentworth Associates was appointed to devise a new brand strategy for the organisation in 2016 and worked with Studio Sutherl& to create the visual identity.

The new name reflects the idea of connecting people and communities to the arts – “it is meaningful, recognisable and engaging,” says JWA. The monogram combines traditional and modern typefaces to create a “classic and timeless” look – “[it] is a simple iteration of connecting the arts to society,” says Jim Sutherland, founder of Studio Sutherl& and Associate of JWA. Arts imagery will form a key part of the identity and the core colour is a deep shade of purple. It’s a much more memorable name and a more contemporary look for the organisation.