WORK: Ben Strebel directs ‘R’n’B Opera’ in new short film Mercy

Back in 2014 we spoke to musician Javeon and director Ben Strebel about the striking series of music videos they’d made together. Today the duo are back, and so, in a new form, are the videos: for the release of Javeon’s new EP Show Me Something, Strebel has created a new version of the promos as a short film titled Mercy. The hypnotic film features three new tracks from Javeon, and the return of the characters from the original films, which include a distraught bride (played brilliantly by Katy Sage) and a series of masked gangsters.

The film operates as a decent promotion for Javeon’s new work, but perhaps better as an enticing trailer for a future feature that Strebel is developing. With characters and cinematic scenes this strong, it will certainly be one to look out for.

Writer and director: Ben Strebel; Music by Javeon & Zack Kemp; Procution company: Somesuch;