WORK: New Bonobo video takes viewers from Los Angeles to Tokyo

Directing collective StyleWar’s new video for Bonobo track Bambro Koyo Ganda is a visual treat, combining timelapse footage of high-speed train journeys, busy marketplaces and Tokyo street crossings with overhead shots of sandy beaches and desert highways.

The video was created using a mix of new and existing footage filmed around the world. Footage has been cleverly edited to match the rhythm of the track: “We endeavoured to make every moment in the video correspond to the movement of the music, whether to its rhythm or to the very notes themselves,” says StyleWar. “If you look closely, you should notice the smallest details have been tweaked to sync the music to the movement.”

Bambro Koyo Ganda is taken from Bonobo’s sixth album Migration, a record that was inspired by travelling. Speaking to CR earlier this year, Bonobo (Si Green) said he wrote it while on tour, “with ideas sketched out in airports and hotel rooms.” He describes the new track, which features vocals from Innov Gnawa, as an embodiment of the idea of migration – “a journey through cultural and locational displacement and the strange familiarity that inevitably surfaces out of transient life”.

The video captures the frantic pace of life on the road and the overwhelming but inspiring effect of experiencing so many different sights and cultures. It’s one of a series of great videos accompanying the album: the promo for track Break Apart featured beautiful drone footage of the Los Angeles desert at sunrise while the unsettling video for Kerala starred a distressed Gemma Arterton.

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