Channel 4 Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Title Sequence by Jump Design & Direction

Jump Design & Direction have created Channel 4’s Paralympics opening titles for Rio 2016. “We’ve selected six of our finest and have handcrafted beautiful expressions of their abilities, personalities and Paralympic glories through authentic Brazilian illustration and painstaking cel animation,” they say. “Our sequence picks up our athletes from London 2012 and delivers them to Rio 2016 in an explosion of Brazilian energy and colour.

“By animating directly on-top of footage from London 2012 we have been able to transport the athletes into a new world whilst retaining the visceral emotion which triggers such vivid memories of the incredible achievements in London.”

Directed by Lee Jacobs. Artwork and illustration by Gabriel Silveira. 2D Flash Animation and Effects by Harriet Gillian & Sabine Volkert. Cinema 4D & After Effects Animation, Tracking and Composite by Callum O’Reilly. Sound Design by Echoic.