WORK: David Rudnick’s titles for Viceland TV show Big Night Out

David Rudnick‘s colourful titles for Viceland TV show Big Night Out use fast-paced editing, bold colours and a custom score to capture the frenetic energy of club culture.

Big Night Out is a six-part documentary series on Vice TV channel Viceland. The show follows Clive Martin as he investigates nightlife and clubbing subcultures in Ukraine, Holland, Greece, Romania, Ibiza and the UK.

An episode on partying in Donetsk looks at the impact Ukraine’s political situation has had on its nightlife, while another shot in Holland explores tensions between young hardcore fans and the Protestant Church.

Rudnick has created a bespoke sequence for each episode using footage from the show. Negative-effect imagery is combined with bold colour treatments and a bespoke score by London music producer Dark0.

Big Night Out Episode 3: B*stards of the Bible Belt (Holland). Airs tonight

Big Night Out Episode 1: Rave in the Rebel State (Ukraine). Watch it here.

Big Night Out airs on Tuesdays at 9pm