WORK: Delta and Coca-Cola team up to create an art gallery in the sky

Hop on a Delta flight soon and you might be lucky enough to view an unexpected art show, displayed on the plane’s tray tables. Conceived by Wieden + Kennedy New York, the project sees Delta join forces with Coke to ask 12 artists to create work for the tables. Each artist has been inspired by a city that is a popular Delta destination as well as by traditional Coke ad themes of optimism and happiness. The 12 artists involved are: Sac Magique (Amsterdam), Adam Pinsley (Atlanta), Noma Bar (London), Stevie Gee (Los Angeles), Skip Hursch (Mexico City), Pedro Campiche (New York City), James R Eads (Paris), Alex Yanes (São Paulo), Will Bryant (Seattle), Yulia Brodskaya (Seoul), Ping Zhu (Shanghai), and Paola Gracey (Tokyo).