WORK: Edinburgh International Book Festival identity by Tangent Graphic

Glasgow design agency Tangent Graphic and illustrator Anna Parini’s identity for Edinburgh International Book Festival captures a sense of uncertainty about the future.

The theme for this year’s festival is ‘brave new worlds’. The identity features a series of thought-provoking questions – such as ‘who are we now?’ and ‘what do we want?’ – accompanied by some striking illustrations by Parini.

“The focus [of the festival] is quite wide ranging, examining the cultural and political shifts of recent times and how they have led to a series of unpredicted events like Brexit, Trump and the recent UK election results,” explains Tangent co-owner David Whyte. Artwork features on programmes and posters as well as the festival website.

The festival takes place from August 12 – 28 and includes talks, readings and workshops with fiction and non-fiction writers. Tangent also created the identity for last year’s festival, which featured psychedelic illustrations by Craig & Karl. Parini is based in Barcelona and has created illustrations for The New Yorker, Internazionale and The New York Times.