WORK: ManvsMachine’s animation for Nike Air Max 2017

Design and motion studio ManvsMachine has created another slick animation for Nike, this time promoting its new Air Max range. The 30-second film is described as a “metaphorical exploration of air”: CG animations in shades of pink and blue show billowing fabrics and bubbles, with negative space forming the shape of an Air Max shoe. “Each material had to convey either soft and cushioned or lightweight and breathable; better yet, both,” says the studio.

Sound design by Zelig Sound is inspired by the noises encountered on a daily run – “[it] is composed of the rhythm of foot strikes, percussive traffic noises sonic references to airflow and the runner’s breath,” says MvM. “Zelig recorded various footsteps, editing and re-pitching them, finally playing them musically to form the melody and rhythm of the piece.”