WORK: Inner Game of Design ‘moving poster’ by TwoPoints.Net and Lo Iacono

Design studio TwoPoints.Net and Lo Iacono created this ‘moving poster’ for an event organised by TwoPoints.Net and Island in Hamburg.

The Inner Game of the Typographic Universe — Dining with Mr. DIN is the third event of a series entitled The Inner Game of Design which ‘explores the cultural and social effects of design’. The name is a reference to the term ‘The Inner Game’ coined by tennis player and author Timothy Gallwey as a means of improving performance.

Guest and speaker for the evening will be typeface designer, teacher and chairman of the German standards committee on typefaces at the DIN Institute in Berlin, Albert-Jan Pool who designed the FF DIN typeface ‘superfamily’.

Design: TwoPoints.Net
Motion Design: Lo Iacono