WORK: Jack Cunningham’s stop-motion film for Tripl Stitched

Nexus director Jack Cunningham has created a lovely stop-motion film for London shirt brand Tripl Stitched, which highlights the craft that goes into making its products. The film features hand crafted sets, an orchestral score and a 3D version of the brand’s mascot.

Based in London, Tripl Stitched uses refurbished vintage machines to produce casual shirts and often collaborates with illustrators (you can read our feature on the brand here). Cunningham has worked with Tripl Stitched since it was founded in 2014 and created its mascot.

The mascot was 3D printed and modelled by Ben Blundell and Pete Addington at Nexus – 95 versions were made to cover the range of movements required for the film. Sets were constructed in Nexus’s craft space and the score was created by Bridget Samuels, co-founder of London collective Orchestrate.

“It’s been such an amazing project to work on with Jack,” says IYA Studio‘s Matt Cottis, who co-founded Tripl Stitched. “Our idea was to see how we could combine traditional creative techniques of shirt making and stop motion to craft an idea that is both modern in terms of its approach but [also] showcases the concept of doing things in a way that can sometimes take a bit longer, but is most definitely worth it!”

Nexus has also released a making-of film showing the process:

Director: Jack Cunningham

Technical artist: Pete Addington

Character modeller: Ben Blundell

Prop modeller: Michal Firkowski

3D animator: Joe Sparrow

DOP: Ian Forbes

Set designer: Emma Rose Dade and Luke George

Stop motion animator: Luke George

Score: Bridget Samuels, performed by Orchestrate

Score recording and mixing: Joe Hirst

Sound design: Joe Wilkinson @ String & Tins