WORK: Jess Glynne’s Take Me Home arena tour visuals

Singer Jess Glynne’s Take Me Home arena tour is currently in full flow (Leeds tonight; Newcastle tomorrow) and the extravaganza is topped off nicely with some impressive show graphics from Fray Studio. The studio’s aim was to move the visuals away from the typical pop experience.

“It’s a beautifully anti-pop show,” says Fray’s Adam Young. “It’s minimal, measured and conforms to strict rules. It’s centred around ink, oil, marble and beautifully filmed content of Jess – all framed within three dominating portrait screens filling the back wall of an arena.”

“Myself and Jess wanted to present pop in a bold and simplistic way visually, whilst letting Jess and her band make all the noise,” says Creative Director Jo’Lene Henry. “We think the two marry together harmoniously.”


Video: Adam Young (Fray Studio). Lighting: Cassius Creative. Creative director: Jo’Lene Henry. Hair: Lyndell Mansfield. Make up: Jo Frost. Pre-recorded footage produced by Art War Entertainment. Pre-recorded footage director of photography: James Watson