WORK: New Brit Awards Statue is designed by Zaha Hadid

The 2017 Brit Awards statue has been designed by Zaha Hadid, who began work on the project three months before her sudden death in March.

Hadid designed a family of five statues for the awards, which will take place on February 22 next year in London (though the 2017 Critics’ Choice winner will be awarded the first statue on December 8).

The new design follows previous statues created by artists and designers including Damien Hirst and Philip Treacy. Hadid’s design was completed by her team following her death. “Zaha was truly excited to be doing this,” says Maha Kutay, director of Zaha Hadid Design. “Her vision was, being an architect, to focus our efforts more on the 3D element, as the statue had previously been used as a canvas for artists to paint on for the last few years. Our design expresses Zaha’s unwavering belief in progress and optimism for the future and a break from the norm.”