WORK: Why Not Associates’ neon typography for new Belgian TV show

Why Not Associates has directed and animated the title sequence for a new show called Culture Club on Belgian television channel, Canvas. The studio also developed the identity and branding for the programme, a live show that goes out on a Friday evening and includes performances and interviews as part of its coverage of culture.

The realistic-looking neon typography was designed in 3D by the studio and renders the host’s names – Bent Van Looy and Sofie Lemaire – the show’s title, the channel branding and the Belgian city ‘Antwerp’ in white, pink and blue electric tubing.

For a 360 view of some of the neon designs created for the project, the studio has also created two ‘rotational posters’ which can be viewed here and here.

Last year, Why Not rebranded the Canvas channel – more on that project can be found at