WORK: Pride in London #LoveHappensHere campaign

To coincide with this year’s Pride – which is also the anniversary of the beginning of the legalisation of homosexuality in the UK – Pride in London and WCRS have created a mulitfaceted promotional campaign.

As we posted here, a series of four films exploring the attitudes of family members toward relations who come out will air on Channel 4. At the same time, The ‘Love Happens Here’ campaign will play out in two phases; ‘Hate’ and ‘Love’.

The first phase (above) drew attention to the rising problem of anti-LGBT+ hate crime in the London with Guerrilla-style fly-postering across the city, a covert take-over of Wi-Fi networks, statistic led taxi-tops and an event, which all tell stories aimed to raise awareness of the ongoing prevalence of prejudice.

This is followed by ‘Love’ in which, from June 23, a multimedia campaign will see digital OOH sites across London filled with stories of love, sourced from members of the LGBT+ community and illustrated by 30 different artists and illustrators. All the stories featured in the OOH campaign come from members of the community who have shared their stories on Pride in London’s interactive map.


Agency: WCRS
Executive Creative Director: Ross Neil
Creative Directors: Orlando Warner, Joe Miller
Creatives: Howard de Smet and Sidonie Chaffer-Melly
Agency Designers: Jacinto Caetano, Patrick Gibson, Abbi Chard
Director of Technology: Dino Burbidge
Creative Technologists: Liam Chapman, Andy Bridges
Media Agency: Jon Everare @ Pride in London
Media Partners: Jack Agency, Outdoor Plus, Clear Channel, 8 Outdoor, Kong Outdoor, Primesight, Media Circus, Ocean Outdoor, Outdoor Plus, Urban Vision, ECNLive, STORM, Exterion Gatwick & Stansted airports, Channel 4 (TV), Verifone (Taxi tops, London & New York), Mobly Media (New York).
Artworking: Trailer Park


  • Alice Bowsher
  • Adam Hayes – Bernstein & Andriulli
  • Cachetejack – Bernstein & Andriulli
  • Pete Fowler – Bernstein & Andriulli
  • Billy Clark
  • Al Murphy – Blink Art
  • Chrissie Abbott – Blink Art
  • Daniel Frost – Blink Art
  • Gutless Wonder – Blink Art
  • Jack Hudson – Blink Art
  • Marcus Walters – Blink Art
  • Peter Judson – Blink Art
  • Rob Flowers – Blink Art
  • Sam Dunn – Blink Art
  • Craig & Karl – Breed London
  • Steven Wilson – Breed London
  • Charlotte Trounce
  • Mark Ward – Debut Art
  • Tobias Hall – Debut Art
  • Alex Tait – Jelly London
  • Hannah Warren – Jelly London
  • Mimi Leung – Jelly London
  • Alec Doherty
  • Fernando Volken Togni – MP Arts
  • Jenue – MP Arts
  • Marina Esmeraldo – MP Arts
  • Marylou Faure – MP Arts
  • Oli Frape – MP Arts
  • Thomas Hedger – MP Arts
  • Owen Gildersleeve – Grand Matter
  • Crispin Finn – Siobhan Squire
  • Richard Hogg – Siobhan Squire
  • Supermundane
  • Craig Townsend – WCRS
  • Darren O’Donoghue – WCRS
  • Harry Fischer – WCRS