Rozalina Burkova’s animated video for Entrance track Promises

Rozalina Burkova has created a lovely animated video for Promises, a new track by Los Angeles-based musician Entrance (singer songwriter Guy Blakeslee).

The song has a somewhat sombre tone – Blakeslee says it was inspired by the idea of time as “a contradiction in all our lives”. Burkova’s artwork provides an imaginative take on the track’s key themes with images of wild beasts, night skies and characters swimming against the tide.

The track is released on Friday on Thrill Jockey Records. Promises is Burkova’s first music video – an illustrator and GIF maker, she was recently selected by CR and Croatian island Obonjan to be Obonjan’s first artist-in-residence, creating a series of paintings and GIFs during her two-week stay. You can read our interview with Burkova about her work and the artist residency here.