WORK: Unsatisfying – a lovely tribute to the small failures of everyday life

“Life, oh life,” as Des’ree once sang. Sometimes it’s the simplest turns of phrase that cut to the heart of existence and all it can throw at us. Similarly, we can all relate to the modern conundrums illustrated in the above video; the “frustrating, annoying, disappointing little things … that are so painful to live or even to watch,” as Paris-based animators Parralel Studio put it.

Yet, there’s something deeply satisfying in the Unsatisfying moments depicted in their short film. So enjoy the fact that others feel your pain, too – when the egg yolk splits, or the nail refuses to be hammered in true. And if you’re feeling really satisfied, you can even submit videos of your own unsatisfying moments at the studio’s site.

Direction Animation and illustration: Parallel Studio. Sound Design: Zelig Sound. Music: Samuel Barber. Special Thanks to Hugo Leick. See