WORK: Analogue Loaders short film by Glassworks’ Raphael Vangelis

We’ve all been there. You’re hard at work on a project, or dying to watch a film, and suddenly you find yourself in digital limbo, staring at a loading symbol. Out of this tedious situation though, now comes a charming piece of animation by Glassworks’ director Raphael Vangelis, who has restyled these notorious digital symbols in analogue form. “The film is an abstract and playful conversion of all the time I spend waiting in my most-used applications,” says Vangelis. “The plan was to take something very digital and boring and transport it into the analogue world: exuberant, yet sophisticated and meticulous, human, hand-crafted.” As well as the film above, Vangelis has also made a making-of, shown here.