WORK: D&AD New Blood campaign by The Beautiful Meme

D&AD’s New Blood scheme offers inspiration, learning and opportunity to young people looking to get into the creative industries. Via the New Blood Awards, full-time students, recent graduates and under 24s around the world get the chance to take on a variety of industry-standard briefs set by global brands.

Its 2017 campaign, by The Beautiful Meme, challenges the industry over its lack of diversity. The executions feature a series of damming statistics and challenging statements.

“D&AD New Blood want to hold a mirror to the industry so that when faced with real statements and facts, we can all come together and start thinking about solutions,” says Paul Drake, D&AD Foundation Director. “As an organisation we already work towards finding new ways forward, but we all need to think long term. This is a call for students to enter their work into the New Blood Awards, but this is also a call to the entire industry to wake up and realise that what they need more than anything else is new perspectives, New Blood.”