WORK: Kinnersley Kent rebrands The Athenaeum hotel in Mayfair

Kinnersley Kent‘s new branding for The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences in Mayfair draws on the building’s architecture and art deco features.

Kinnersley Kent designed around 80 items for the hotel, from menus and coasters to luggage tags, door key-cards and umbrellas. The ‘A’ brand marque is inspired by the art deco era and the building’s architecture – “specifically, by the hard lines of the building combined with the softness of the hotel’s famous external planting,” says director of graphics Kenny Sum. The agency also created postcards for the hotel bar’s signature cocktails and invitation cards for the General Manager to use when inviting guests for a drink. Cards feature a rose gold A and an image of a man in a suit.

Typefaces Romain and Brown were chosen for their mix of “heritage and modernity” and a herringbone pattern is inspired by oak floors in the building’s lobby. Gold foil detailing and deep colours add a touch of luxury – the colour palette includes deep blue, purple and green alongside mustard, bright orange and lighter neutral shades. Colours are used to signify different spaces in the hotel: blue represents lobby activities such as checking in, purple is used for the restaurant and green for the bar.

Copywriting aims to reflect a “tongue-in-cheek British sense of humour”. A welcome mat for guests leaving the building reads Toodle Pip while breakfast order cards feature the phrase ‘Rise and Shine’.