WORK: London’s youth captured in new photo book

The latest tome from Hoxton Mini Press, a publisher which has built a reputation for creating elegant books of photography centred on London, documents young people in the city. The images have been shot over the past few years by German photographer Julian Mährlein, who was inspired to begin the series after the London 2011 riots.

The portraits show the youths starring directly into Mährlein’s lens, and capture moments of occasional cockiness, but more often vulnerability. Accompanying the photographs are short quotes from the participants that offer up views on the city as well as personal insights and occasional moments of wisdom. “We have it easy in this country but we still continue to act as if we get it the hardest,” says Leslie, for example. “What we really do wrong is forget others’ feelings. We are all human and we all deserve respect and acknowledgment.”

London Youth by Julian Mährlein is available now, priced £17.95,