WORK: Love Deluxe Cool Breeze Over The Mountains promo by Lost Art presents a history of style magazine front covers

The promo for Sydney-based Love Deluxe was created by Chris Hopkins and Axel Moline AKA Lost Art. “When [label] Soothsayer first shared the Love Deluxe demos with us, what stood out was that it was hard to place a time period on the music,” they say. “They reminded us of some of the classic magazines we love that also seem to defy time – like Photo, Twen, Eros, Nova, Absolu.”

Lost Art worked with photographer Hans Feurer, a contributor to many of those magazines since the 1960s, to create the sleeve (above). The video carried on this theme, using archive footage of fashion shows from each decade sourced from Associated Press, British Movietone and others. 

Love Deluxe: Cool Breeze Over The Mountains is taken from the forthcoming Silk Mirage EP released on Soothsayer