WORK: McLaren-Honda F1 car livery by The Clearing

McLaren-Honda’s new F1 car has livery designed in collaboration with brand consultancy The Clearing. For many years, the colours used on the car, and even its name, were dictated by the team’s principal sponsor, Marlboro. The ‘MP4’ naming system for the cars – in place since 1981 – was a reference to‘Marlboro Project 4’. The new MCL32 represents a break with such title sponsorship.

The new livery’s use of orange is, say The Clearing, inspired by McLaren’s history. The team’s first ever victory was achieved in 1968 in an orange car. It’s a custom colour – Tarocco Orange – created by another McLaren sponsor, AkzoNobel Sikkens. More here.

McLaren-Honda MCL32
McLaren-Honda MCL32 livery by The Clearing