WORK: New app monitors how often women are victims of ‘Manterruption’

We all know about ‘mansplaining’ and ‘manspreading’ but now there’s a new neologism on the block, to address the unfortunate habit that some men can have of interrupting women: ‘manterruption’. The affliction was in particularly full effect during the 1st US Presidential debate last year, when Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton 51 times, with Clinton only intruding on his speech nine times by contrast. And as this film from BETC São Paulo demonstrates, it can sadly feel a commonplace behaviour.

But fear not, help is at hand, for BETC has also created an app to help women count how many times they are a victim of manterruption. When used, the Women Interrupted app detects when a male voice interrupts a woman (without recording actual audio, with the sound turning automatically to data). It may not solve this worldwide problem – Trump seemed pretty unphased by the negative stats on his interruptions, after all – but will no doubt prove useful for oneupmanship when engaging in heated debates with male friends in the pub.