WORK: London Ends, by Philipp Ebeling

Philipp Ebeling‘s photo book London Ends explores the outer reaches of London – suburban areas on the fringes of the city that feel far removed from its bustling centre.

The book contains photographs of crumbling industrial areas, housing estates, busy high streets and overgrown allotments. It’s a fascinating journey through sleepy suburbs and vibrant communities in areas from Hounslow to Enfield. Ebeling’s images capture daily life and weekly rituals, from church visits to fishing trips and summer picnics in the park.

Ebeling has been photographing London for several years – he was born in Hanover in 1977 and moved to the city when he was 19. “Coming to London from a small village in Germany, I was both overwhelmed and bewitched,” he writes. “I felt compelled to know every last corner of the place, to understand it as fully as I could. For years I crisscrossed the city on my bike, finding new routes to places, exploring new neighbourhoods, getting lost and soaking up every detail.”

Many of the images featured in the book were taken on a ten-day, 250km walk around London’s perimeter. They are accompanied by observations made along the way and shots from other journeys through the city.

London Ends is published by Fishbar and costs £37. Images from the book are on display at Fishbar Gallery, 176 Dalston Lane, E8 1NG.