WORK: Warp Records 2016 site

Warp Records has launched a website showcasing albums released by the label in 2016. Users can scroll through a timeline of releases and click on an album’s cover to access a landing page about that record.

Landing pages feature music videos, playlists and reviews. They also include links to artists’ social media profiles and list similar artists signed to Warp. Content is responsive and shifts as users move their cursor across the screen.

It’s a fun way to showcase music, visuals and videos released by Warp artists in 2016 and offers a much richer experience than a traditional end-of-year playlist. The site also encourages visitors to discover new content.

Warp worked with Berlin studio HelloMe and web developer Armin Unruh to build the site. “We decided to put together a little website to cast some light back on all the amazing music we’ve had the pleasure of putting into the world during the last 12 months,” says label manager James Burton. “Hopefully people can take a moment to explore the world of Warp 2016 and take their minds off of all the shit things that have happened in the same period. Maybe they will discover something that they’d missed.”