World Cup calendar poster

Designer David Watson of design studio Trebleseven has designed a colourful, typographic World Cup poster (detail shown above) to raise money for Soccer Aid…

Designer David Watson of design studio Trebleseven sent in his colourful, typographic World Cup poster (detail shown above) so, seeing as we’re showing lots of football related bits, we thought we’d share it here…

“I’ve created the poster to support Soccer Aid,” Watson tells us. The idea is simple: sales of the A1 double sided poster raises money for Soccer Aid – a British charity event which raises money for UNICEF.

The front side of the poster (below) lists all the groups, A-H so you can clearly see which countries are in which group. A calendar runs down the right hand side listing chronologically all the matches to be played in the tournament:

The reverse of the poster (below) functions as a bold World Cup calendar – showing clearly what games are being played on each day:

The A1 double sided poster, produced in collaboration with G&B printers and PhoeniXmotion paper, is currently on press but will be available to buy soon for the princely sum of £10 (£7 for the print, £3 for post/packaging).

For more info and to buy one, contact David Watson on


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