New WWF animation highlights the dangers of fossil fuels

Released to coincide with COP28, the film uses innovative stop motion techniques to deliver its urgent message

Created by UK production company Nomint and directed by Yannis Konstantinidis, the film uses the story of a young girl facing a terrifying, smoke-filled environment to highlight the need to switch to renewable energy.

The film was shot entirely in-camera over the course of a month, integrating stop-motion animation with real smoke, and using a full-colour 3D printing technique to create over 700 unique sculptures for different poses of the girl. The result is an eerie, atmospheric film which uses its unusual style to draw the viewer into its message.

This new animation follows previous films created by Nomint and Konstantinidis for WWF, including Can’t Negotiate the Melting Point of Ice, a stop-motion film created entirely using real melting ice, and A Flammable Planet, employing live fire.

Up In Smoke is set to a rendition of the song When the Party’s Over, originally performed by Billie Eilish, which is recreated by the Margate-based Social Singing Choir.

Production: Nomint
Creative Direction: Yannis Konstantinidis, Christos Lefakis
Director: Yannis Konstantinidis