WWF: Future of Nature exhibition

Category: Installations & Exhibitions; Entrant: Uncommon Creative Studio

WWF wanted to highlight that UK nature is in crisis. Britain is in the top 10% of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. If harmful activities are left unchecked, the situation will only deteriorate further. However, the science is clear about how to turn things around.

Chiming with the conversation around AI, Uncommon Creative Studio wanted to use it to create something with meaning. “We used AI to generate a series of images of UK landscapes in the style of Romantic painters, such as Turner and Constable, to imagine how this historical movement might witness and record the future of our natural world,” says Uncommon. “While the paintings themselves were not real, they did show genuine possibilities.

“We put on a physical exhibition of the images at 180 The Strand – open to the public on Earth Day. The exhibition was designed in two halves, with over 20 unique images imagining what the future of nature in the UK might look like if we continue to destroy it, or if we choose to protect and restore it.

“Each image was dated with the year it imagined and was accompanied by a description of real-world scenarios the subject matter faces.”

Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio