WWF’s #TooLatergram captures the world’s ‘lost’ landscapes

Travel Instagrammers are luring armchair tourists with snaps of fictional holiday destinations – to raise awareness of areas threatened by pollution.

TBWA\Paris Photoshopped images of “devastated paradises”, digitally removing piles of rubbish and reviving bleached coral to emphasise the world’s rapidly disappearing natural beauty for WWF campaign #TooLatergram.

The agency partnered with popular travel Instagrammers to share ‘before’ pictures of unspoiled scenery, which show the current polluted state of the landscape once the image is swiped. Apparently serene beaches are revealed as plastic waste traps, and clear lakes become filled with empty water bottles.

Above: Click to swipe through and see the ‘after’ image.

The campaign highlights the impact of human activity, showing places that are overwhelmed by tourists, affected by climate change, and threatened by industrial mining. TBWA\Paris says #TooLatergram is aimed at millennials, in an attempt to encourage them to take greater involvement in environmental issues – with the use of influential travel bloggers a chance to harness the persuasive power of “the ones they listen to”.

Instagrammers are encouraged to share their own snaps of places in the world in need of greater preservation, and visit WWF’s site to learn more about the 35 regions the organisation is campaigning to protect.

Executive Creative Directors, Benjamin Marchal and Faustin Claverie; Creative Director, Jacquelin Guillaume-Duverne; Copywriter, Charlotte Rouart