Yes, it’s the Pet Shop Boys special boxed vinyl edition

The limited edition vinyl box set of Pet Shop Boy’s Yes album, designed by Farrow, in all its multicoloured glory

Regular readers of this blog may recall we posted about Farrow’s design work for Pet Shop Boy’s album Yes, earlier in the year. In that original post we showed the standard release but mentioned a forthcoming limited edition vinyl version of the album – which we can now show you photos of…

A collaboration between Farrow and the Pet Shop Boys, and produced by The Vinyl Factory, this version of the album sees its eleven tracks split over eleven separate super-heavyweight 200-gram vinyl records with exclusive b-side instrumentals, each in a coloured sleeve, all housed in a smoked, handmade Perspex case. These sleeves can be arranged like this:

Or, if you’ve got the space, like this:

Also included in the box set is a twelfth, white sleeve, which contains a fine art giclee print, hand signed and numbered by the Pet Shop Boys themselves, plus a credit sheet. There are only 300 copies of the box set worldwide and one will cost you £300.

Visit for full details and to order a copy.

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