Young and Why Not’s Blackpool Tower

Why Not Associates and artist Gordon Young have continued their fruitful creative partnership with these typographic climbing walls in Blackpool.


Previous projects such as the Flock of Words typographic pavement in Morecambe (CR Annual 03) and Road to the Isles (CR Annual 05), a school playground in Scottish community school, Auchterarder, have also integrated large scale graphics and the local environment to spectacular effect.

The two 20-metre concrete towers which make up the climbing wall in Blackpool are part of a £14 million project to improve the approach to the resort’s centre. The towers were conceived and designed by Young with Why Not supplying the typography. “Gordon’s idea was to produce a work of art that could be used as entertainment by the general public,” explains Why Not’s Andy Altmann. “He worked closely with one of Britain’s top climbers and one of the climbs is the most difficult in Britain.” They sit in a new urban park, the first to be created in the town since the 1920s.


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