Zeitgeist: Sophie Green

Photographer Sophie Green is one of the winners of the Zeitgeist award in The Photography Annual 2018. The award recognises rising stars of the photography world; artists who have captured the mood and our imaginations this past year

“Britain can be so eccentric and mundane at the same time: I love its quirks and ordinariness – it’s an interesting paradox,” Sophie Green

Some photographers will travel thousands of miles in search of remote communities or little-known destinations. But Sophie Green prefers to look closer to home for inspiration. Over the past three years, she has visited street car races, horse fairs, afro hair salons and Sunday sermons at spiritualist churches to capture  Britain’s cultural diversity.

“I have never found it necessary to go abroad or travel far to take pictures. Britain is full of surprises …  there are diverse and amazing things happening in every corner of this country. You just have to go out and find them,” she tells CR.