Zocdoc and Zee – a new face for healthcare in the US

Today sees the launch of a new look for digital healthcare marketplace Zocdoc, courtesy of Wolff Olins. In an attempt to move the brand away from the stark, corporate identities of many healthcare companies, the agency has created a logo based around a patient’s face.

According to Wolff Olins, the Zocdoc brand’s key attributes of “simple, smart and caring” are reflected in the new visual direction, which attempts to bring a more human element to patient care delivered through technology.

Since 2007, Zocdoc’s aim has been to give patients more power when choosing their healthcare and offers a single point of entry from which to find neighbourhood doctors, midwives and dentists, book and manage appointments and fill out paperwork. Millions of Americans now use Zocdoc each month via zocdoc.com or the brand’s iPhone and Android apps.


Replacing Zocdoc’s previous identity, a decidely lacklustre logotype complete with two cartoon doctors, is a new emoji-like logo called Zee, essentially a letter ‘Z’ with two eyes that evokes, say WO, an “always‐changing patient face” (Zee’s many expressions are created by changing the shape of the eyes and curving the foot of the ‘Z’). The bright yellow colouring also moves Zocdoc away from the more familiar medical palette of pastel blues, pinks and greens.


Online, the free-to-use site has been redesigned to offer a much cleaner search with a horizontal homepage bar; ‘provider head-shots’ on search results pages; and clearer indications of ‘in-network’ and ‘out-of-network’ providers which reflects the site’s insurance listings.


“Zocdoc is revolutionizing a stale industry to connect with patients in the most simple, relevant and human way,” says Lisa Smith, creative director and head of design at Wolff Olins. “Zocdoc impacts how patients interact with healthcare, and its revamped brand and digital experience is only the beginning of what’s to come.”


As with many identity projects we’ve seen recently, from Google to Budweiser, here the approach once again sees a stripping away of extraneous elements in favour of a more concise, badge-like logo design.

When it comes to healthcare, patients rely on simple, uncluttered messages – and Zocdoc’s new identity certainly seems to be moving in that direction. Its tech has made the process of finding medical help that bit simpler so, naturally, its identity should follow suit. Putting a friendly face into the mix can only make that experience a little easier.

See wolffolins.com


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