Richard Holman

Richard Holman is a writer and coach

The battle for self-belief

Working in the creative industries inevitably involves rejection and doubt. But those are also the elements that can lead to greatness, writes Richard Holman

Getting started on that long-lost project

With the UK in lockdown, and much of the creative community with some unexpected time on their hands, there’s never been a better time to tackle that project you’ve always dreamed of doing. But how to get started? Richard Holman has some tips

On Creativity and Madness

Is there any truth to the idea that creativity and mental illness may be interlinked? Richard Holman examines the question here, looking at examples from art and literary history as well as science to shed light on the matter

Why Your Worst Idea Could Be Your Best

Fear can be the killer of creativity, writes creative Richard Holman. To combat it, he advises that instead of striving for your very best ideas, it may in fact be better to hunt for your worst