The Flesh & the Fantasy by Andy Pilsbury

Honourable Mention – Personal

Andy Pilsbury’s series The Flesh & the Fantasy consists of five stories that examine the export of American culture and its appropriation in the UK.

“Alongside our positioning in Europe post-Brexit, the American 2020 election and its impact on the UK, we see further complexities to our so-called ‘special relationship’,” he says. “The pervasiveness of this relationship is deeply rooted in the British psyche and offers sanctuary for some. With the American Dream corroded and toxic in the US, there is still an allure to Europeans who seek to transcend the monotony of life at home through embracing American narratives and clichés.

“The Flesh & the Fantasy explores British communities and individuals who adopt alternative lifestyles, and asks what it means to appropriate additional cultural traits while maintaining a sense of identity, community and home.”