BETC: Lacoste, Crocodile Inside

Honourable Mention, Multiple Categories: Advertising, Commercials/VFX

Set to Édith Piaf’s enchanting song, L’hymne à l’amour, this spot for Lacoste features a dramatic fight between a couple, which sees their world, quite literally, torn apart. The film is unnarrated, instead using music and visuals to punctuate the action.

The ad, directed by Megaforce, with VFX playing an essential role, emphasises the couple’s emotions and heightened tensions. Their home, a symbol of their love, literally falls apart and crumbles around them as the heated argument escalates. At the end of the spot, the duo reconcile as their building crashes down around them, before the tagline Life is a Beautiful Sport appears on screen.

Agency: BETC
ECD: Rémi Babinet
Creative Directors: Aurélie Scalabre, Olivier Aumard, Damien Bellon
Art Director: Aurélie Scalabre
Copywriter: Olivier Aumard
Assistant Art Director: Jessica Fecteau
Director of Music Creation: Christophe Caurret
Strategic Planning: Philippe Martin-Davies
Agency Management:
Bertille Toledano, Gaëlle Gicqueau, Fanny Buisseret
Head of Media: Havas
Media International
Internal Production
Company: General Pop        
Internal Production: Fabrice Brovelli, Karim Naceur, Slim Trabelsi
Production Company: Iconoclast
Production: Charlotte Marmion
Sound Production: Iconoclast Publishing
Post Production/VFX: Time Based Arts
VFX Super: Josh Robinson
CD: Francois Roisin
Lead Flame: Thiago Dantas
Grade: Lewis Crossfield
Director: Megaforce
Director: Charlotte Marmion
Brand Management: Sandrine Conseiller, Amandine Morel, Mylène Atlan, Amandine Delcour