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Paul Belford has joined This is Real Art, as the company moves into advertising as well as design. His first project: a subscriptions mailer for a certain well-known creative magazine

This is Real Art is branching out. No longer content with representing some of the best and brightest design talent working in the UK today, including Michael C Place/Build, Ben Drury and Universal Everything, the company is now entering the world of advertising too. The advertising element of the agency will be spearheaded by Paul Belford, who in his capacity as both creative director of Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and as a freelancer has written campaigns for the likes of The Economist, The Type Museum and Snickers. The decision makes TiRA one of the first significant companies to bridge the gap between design and advertising, a move that in today’s world of multi-platform campaigns and branded content seems long overdue.

“It will be a fusion of design and advertising,” explains TiRA consultant creative director Adrian Shaughnessy. “No-one’s really doing that, people say they do but they don’t do one or the other credibly. Paul is one of the few ad people who know about design and can do it. He brings advertising credibility but is also an extremely good designer.”

The move is a natural step for TiRA who formally finalised its roster just over two years ago. The company was set up with a production company ethos, but with a roster of graphic designers rather than directors, a structure that naturally appealed to and was understood by advertising agencies. It has built a reputation for excellent work, a practice that the team see as crucial for its success in the move into advertising. “People often say that they have access to great talent and then can’t name them but we can,” continues Shaughnessy. “We can offer clients a range of creative talent that no one else can.”

TiRA will continue to work with advertising agencies, but will also have advertising creative talent on its roster and will work with other creatives on a project-by-project basis. “We will always work with people we’re really proud to be associated with,” continues TiRA co-founder Georgina Lee. “They always have to have a level of excellence. We’ll come up with someone who’s right for the project and we will bring the support network.” The timing for TiRA’s launch into advertising seems perfect, as clients are now interested in far more than the traditional TV or poster campaigns, requiring a brand consistency across a number of different platforms. “It’s making it easier for the clients,” agrees Belford. “Intuitively it seems a fantastic idea to us.”

The company is already hard at work on campaigns for big name brands including Channel 4 and Nokia, yet is keen to also continue working on smaller projects, such as the redesign of Creative Review’s subscriptions booklet, shown here. “We’re not just interested in household names as clients,” says Lee. “We just want people who want to do interesting creative work.”



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